Solution-based services

Tool optimisation and custom-made products

Machine knives for the food processing industry

Our additional services related to the sale and distribution of cutting tools for meat and food processing represent a strategically important approach for quality assurance and for ensuring smooth, effective and economical production processes.

They guarantee permanent productivity through low machine downtimes, extend the service life of the cutting tools and enable consistent quality in product processing.

Our experts have a recognised specialist at their side for all questions relating to material properties, working hardness and the prevention of damage. Together with Dr. Ing. Volker Storz Werkstoffberatung, we always get to the bottom of things and deliver meaningful material evaluations, chemical, metallographic and macroscopic findings as well as hardness tests according to Vickers and Rockwell.
The conformity of the processes in the production chain is the be-all and end-all when it comes to competing successfully. We analyse, evaluate and accompany you during implementation of the required measures, which form the basis for consistent quality standards as well as better economic efficiency and profitability in the industrial processing of meat and food.
Sudden malfunctions and errors can occur in many areas within the production process and must be clarified as quickly as possible. As an independent service provider, together with our partner network we produce meaningful expert reports and damage analyses on irregularities in wear and tear, material damage and tool breakage and support you in the event of complaints.
Special production requirements sometimes require very individual and precise special solutions. Together with our partner network, we develop, design and manufacture sophisticated individual pieces, prototypes and small series cutting tools. We can also manufacture cutting tools of any kind based on customer-specific requirements using samples, sketches or drawings.
More precision with the right finishing touch

Special cases when sharpening machine knives

The high demands placed on cutting tools for food processing, in particular for meat processing, sometimes require special attention. As an independent service provider, we are the right partner when it comes to precision and special requirements in the reworking, grinding and sharpening of precision cutting tools.

Contact us if you want grinding and sharpening that exceed the standard

Grinding of special cutting contours and complex geometries

Grinding for special material and surface qualities

Grinding of high accuracy classes in relation to form and position tolerances

Efficient, economical and sustainable

Special grinding/sharpening of cutting tools

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Fam circular knives

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Foil punching with V-shaped cutting edges

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Crush cut knives


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